Crystal Microdermabrasion

First of all what is Crystal microdermabrasion and what is the use of this process on human skin? Well it’s a procedure or a system in which fine crystals and a proscribed vacuum applied to rejuvenate the skin layer that reduces the wrinkles and acne scars.

As our age increases and with the time our skin start peeling aged, dead cells increases and formation of new skin slowdowns. This type of change in dead cells of skin that build on the outer surface causes dryness, pore blockage and sudden increase of wrinkles on face. Thus Crystal microdermabraiosn used in such cases to get clear skin and reduce the skin dead cells in which crystals is blasted on the outer stratum of skin that pulls the dead cells away. Also moisturizers and sun block are then applied to the treated area. Finally to get the smoother, clear and young looking face.

When an individual undertake a crystal dermabrasion session in the beauty clinic or at spa, the expert generally uses the microdermabraison machine to void off the skin first. This helps in stimulating the lymph node strenuous and also increases blood circulation to the skin that it helps skin to rejuvenate faster. Than next, the machine blows some gentle crystals, normally aluminum oxide, sodium hydrogen carbonate, crystals, or various types of salt, onto the face. These crystals form to burst the dead skin cells that have establish on the outer layer of the skin.

A set of the home microdermabrasion kits contain an exfoliating cream, a stick and a hydrating cream. It is the exfoliating cream that contains the crystals, while the wand helps release the crystals onto the upper layers of the skin. Once the microdermabrasion treatments has been done, the skin is cleaned off, removing any remaining crystals as well as the sinful skin cells that are loosened by this treatment.

Many people have doubts about the safety of crystal home microdermabrasion. The commonest anxiety is whether it is safe to use chemical crystals on the skin. Now, though these could be allergic for some people, the fact that the crystals are in contact with the skin only quite temporarily does not make this treatment harmful at all. It must also be remembered that the crystals work on the upper layers of the skin and don’t come in contact with the living tissues resides under your skin. Hence, crystal microdermabraison is safe at all and is recommended by doctors and skin specialists.

Crystal microdermabrasion has made home microdermabrasion kits an opportunity to grab. If you are thinking how you can remove the blemishes on your skin without spending more money for clinical treatments and operations, this could be a best way to look younger.