Diamond Microdermabrasion

Whenever one considers their skin, however healthy or unhealthy it is they wonder if they can make it look any better. The mirror does a considerably good job of showing them exactly where work needs to be done. While the mirror may show you the areas where repair is required, it certainly does not show you why the damage itself has occurred or how nor does it give you any instructions on what to do about it. That is precisely when the mirror itself becomes your enemy and you lose your self confidence and aura because of this. A lot many people around you though, will suggest various reasons, as well as remedies to make your skin appear clear, flawless and fresh which may not really have any effect on you or may even fate forbid cause adverse effects to your already damaged skin, making it worse. What matters here understands your skin its type and texture and how it can be worked upon to make it look and feel healthy and fresh.

The most basic problem when it comes to skin troubles is the very fact that we are not able to clear our skin properly of excess oils and dirt or even the unhealthy layer of dead skin cells that covers it making it look dull and lifeless and allowing it to be prone to various infections and maladies such as acne and the likes. Even the mirror cannot look that deep and in order to understand the great extent to which your skin has been affected by this trouble, it is best to consult a specialist. One of the most recent treatments that many skin specialists suggest for dull and acne prone skin is a procedure known as microdermabrasion. This process allows a light form of abrasion to exfoliate the skin gently, yet firmly either with the help of minute particles or crystals of various organic or inorganic substances depending on the skin type or a steady, abrasive stick of diamond lodged in the wand or hand piece of the machine. The latter procedure is known as diamond microdermabrasion.

In diamond microdermabrasion, the usual set of minute corundum crystals is replaced with a hard diamond stick at the end of the wand, which allows the procedure to become much easier. Using a diamond microdermabrasion machine is considered much better than ordinary microdermabrasion treatments for two basic reasons. The first reason is the fact that while using organic crystals does not really harm the skin in any way at all in case they get ingested, however, there is a lot of controversy as to how the skin would react to such an incident. Apart from that diamond microdermabrasion also allows the skin around the eyes to be worked on effectively which the other procedure is unable to do for the simple reason that there is always the possibility of the crystals entering the eyes or getting lodged or ingested in the wrong place. This leaves that part of the skin looking pretty drab and lifeless as such.

Thus, diamond microdermabrasion is a considerably good alternative for anyone who does not have faith in crystal microdermabrasion procedures, and might as well provide them with better results anyway. Try it, it will most certainly help.