Microdermabrasion Cream

A microdermabrasion cream is the most important component in a personal home usage kit. Today most dermabrasion kit available use an abrasive cream with one omission and that is Dermapower that only need a battery controlled hand detained tool similar to that machine which is used in private clinic and spas.

Microdermabrasion creams contain crystals of different types such as aluminum oxide crystals, pumice crystals; silica crystals and pearl face powder so that it enters into your skin and rejuvenate it. Cream works softly to removed the damaged and dead cells of skin, extra oil and dirt’s from deeper and polishing the outer layer of your face and body. It’s a balanced combination of regenerating serum and micro crystals that gives you fair touch. Besides this there are some other microdermabrasion cream to look out which includes natural extracts, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components especially made for sensitive and hygiene skin types.

Basically microdermabrasion is a manual process in which the skin is nicely exfoliated with mild physical abrasives. This treatment can also be taken at home with microdermabrasion cream which includes molecules of skin polishing activators. The outer surface of your skin is stimulated and renewal of new cells done. This helps you to get the new skin tone free from dryness, scars and scratch marks and outer result is fresh healthy skin. The treatment is best as compared to other harsh chemical peels and several chemical based skin products. Microdermabrasion is also recommended by dermatologist for those who have permanent scars due to nodules, cysts or other forms of acne.

Earlier microdermabraison can only be performed at doctor’s clinic or spa but thanks to the new technology now it can be done at home including microdermabrasion machine and kits. One of the best, easy and reasonable approaches is using microdermabrasion cream at home as per your time. A good cream not only exfoliates your skin but also gives a deeper gentle cleansing that most facial cleansers cannot provide. Also helpful for old acne scar reduction and controlling skin damages due to sun burn and pollution.

In microdermabrasion treatments done at home using the dermabrasion crystal cream usually available in microdermabrasion kit is being quite popular today and only takes few minutes to complete. After the treatment you feel your skin fresh, smooth, glowing and younger looking.