Personal PMD Microdermabrasion Review

PMD makes a number of various models, all of which are portable and guarantee younger, smoother skin after simply one treatment! There is the PMD Personal ($ 159), which I am reviewing based upon personal experience, the PMD Pro ($ 199), which has 2 rates as well as comes with even more additionals, a males’s just tool ($ 159), as well as a worldwide tool ($ 181) that functions in all countries.

Have you ever looked in the mirror, annoyed with the face recalling? Are you tormented by hyperpigmentation, drooping skin, or sun damages? If you wish to uncover more youthful skin and also recover your confidence, think about microdermabrasion.


As we age, we develop layers of skin on our face. The impacts of weather, chemicals, as well as age are noticeable on the upper layers. Microdermabrasion removes the top layer of skin to expose the younger, smoother skin underneath. The PMD utilizes a spinning disc made from aluminum oxide crystals to exfoliate and remove old skin. Do not stress, this layer of skin is dead and the procedure is not uncomfortable! Not just does this process expose more youthful skin, it also promotes brand-new skin cell growth. As the disc spins, the gadget also utilizes vacuum suction to suck up dirt as well as dead cells. This suction additionally brings blood to the surface area of your skin, which gives your face a healthy and balanced glow, enhances blood circulation, as well as activates a recovery response that leaves skin company. The PMD is designed to be made use of regular with a skincare regimen of cream, cleanser, and also printer toner.

The PMD Personal features the following:

PMD accepts returns within 1 Month of initial purchase and uses an extensive 18-month guarantee for an extra $40.

Even if you spend lavishly on PMD’s skin care items, you will certainly still save a great deal of cash as compared to specialist therapies, which balance between $80 as well as $200 each go to. For optimum results, it is recommended that you utilize this gadget every 6-7 days (that will certainly build up swiftly if you opt to see an expert).

In the DVD you see the PMD Pro gadget and also three skincare products produced by PMD. For $199, you can acquire the PMD Personal with a skin care “starter kit,” yet you only obtain 2oz of cleanser and also toner and 0.5 ounces of cream.

As a comparison, you could buy standard moisturizer as well as toner for much less than $20 each at your local pharmacy or food store.

Several of us wish to achieve specialist salon results at the convenience of our homes without having to foot pricey bills. That is specifically the destination and also promise of residence microdermabrasion systems.


If you have actually seen the PMD Personal Microderm being featured on tv programs like Greetings America or the Dr Oz Show, I’m sure you would certainly have been impressed by how streamlined and also simple it is to use, as well as its radiant testimonies. But just how does it actually get on in the real world? Let’s take a much deeper appearance.


Added Details.

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Microdermabrasion is a terrific option for those desiring to boost the look and feel of their skin. Using this product makes your skin extra sensitive to the sunlight.

To accomplish the best looking skin, it is important to remain moisturized as well as obtain enough Vitamin C along with microdermabrasion.

PMD makes 6 different kinds of discs with coarse degrees varying from ultrasensitive to a disc so extreme you could utilize it on your feet! See the PMD web site to acquire a substitute package that comes with 6 discs and an O-ring for $15.

The PMD Personal has an unexpected quantity of power and suction as well as can obtain the work done for significantly less cash than an expert. Contrasted to various other devices on the market, the PMD Personal is an excellent price and is ideal for novices. It’s very easy to make use of and comes with the training disc already in place to make sure you do not accidentally damage your skin with the incorrect disc.

PMD Gadget
1 tiny white training disc
1 O-ring
2 caps (one for each dimension disc).
2 environment-friendly discs (1 tiny, 1 large).
4 black discs (2 little, 2 large).
Educating DVD and also instruction booklet.

That Produces This Device & What Does It Do?

Basically, the individual microderm is a hand held microdermabrasion gadget which scrubs the external layer of the skin referred to as the Stratum Corneum, stimulating the development and revealing the new healthy skin cells below.

The PMD Personal Microderm is produced by a Utah based company named Age Sciences Inc, and also appears to be its only significant item.

The idea of this device includes a replaceable disc engraved with aluminium oxide crystals that exfoliates the skin as it rotates. It is operated by a 110v power supply and does not operate on batteries.


Compared to ruby microdermabrasion machines, the personal-microderm, as a hand-held tool, also potentially has a much less high knowing contour. The microderm comes with a white training disc enabling you to take at all times you require to be acquainted and also comfy with the device before utilizing the real microdermabrasion discs.

PMD-Personal Microdermabrasion Skin Care System.
Unlike professional microdermabrasion devices, the microderm is a lot extra extremely portable as well as cost effective. It can quickly be carried around in a purse or kept in your luggage.

Once you fit utilizing the gadget on your face, there are 3 discs to choose from: heaven disc for sensitive skin, the green disc for typical skin as well as the red disc for tougher skin. Normally one would certainly begin with heaven disc, and make a decision whether to tip up to a coarser disc relying on the results.

Microdermabrasion eliminates the leading layer of skin to disclose the more youthful, smoother skin under. The PMD makes use of a spinning disc made of light weight aluminum oxide crystals to exfoliate as well as get rid of old skin. Not just does this procedure expose younger skin, it additionally boosts brand-new skin cell growth. Microdermabrasion is a great choice for those desiring to improve the look as well as feeling of their skin. It’s simple to make use of and comes with the training disc already in location to make sure you do not inadvertently scratch your skin with the incorrect disc.